Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tasting Notes - 2004 Bernardus Marinus Red

Mom and I popped into the local wine shop Valley Wine Cellar in my hometown and stumbled on a little wine tasting. Oh lucky Saturday afternoon! We tasted several CA cabernets and blends. Mom and I overwhelmingly preferred the Bernardus Marinus 2004 to the others on the lineup. 2 were just HUGE and I'm certain the "pro-flavor majority" would approve heartily of them.

The Bernardus website of course provides tasting notes for their wine as most winery sites are wont to do. And please pardon me a little quoting...they had me for most of the note:

"Our 2004 Marinus exhibits a deep crimson color and appears nearly opaque. Aromas are redolent [ok not sure I'd say redolent, but it's there] with ripe black plums and cherries accented by notes of spice and smoke with a hint of earth. The flavors of ripe red fruits and spice notes fill the palate." (and sorry for not indenting my long quote. I can't figure out how to do it on here!)

To this I would add a nice, youthful (still!) greenness. Now, don't go curling up your nose. This is not an unpleasant youthful greenness. It is underneath the fruit and mostly present in the finish. It feels like it is a result of the oak and I like it.

Where they lost me was here, " The texture is very full and rich with firm supporting tannins promising a long aging potential."

If they wrote the note in 2004, then they were probably spot on. I found that now, the tannins are fairly relaxed---present, yet subtle, and I like this too.

They also say, " The finish is very long with flavors that linger on and on. Can be enjoyed now, but will reward patient aging in a good cellar for many years to come."

Since we are now at 2010, I'm not quite sure how much longer it will hold up, but it certainly is pleasant to drink right now and may yet offer more complexity and subtlety.



Wine Ophelia

(photo credit to Bernardus)


  1. Sounds good. What did it go for retail?

  2. Silly omission! We purchased it for $24.99 retail

  3. Enjoying a glass right now 1/29/11. Paid $20 retail. Really good wine for the price.