Sunday, January 17, 2010

Twitter Cheap Wine Challenge Part 2 - The BLIND TASTING! 8 pm EST Thursday, Jan 21st

I want to encourage all participants in the Blind Tasting to please consider donating to Wine To Water's Haiti Relief Fund

Thank you very much for blogging your notes for your favorite inexpensive and tasty wines! Now for the REALLY fun part! TASTING THEM!!

Here’s what you do… this is so easy it’s ridiculous!

1. Grab a bunch of your friends

2. Go to the local grocer and grab as many wines from the list as you feel like tasting! (it works well to just have each friend bring a bottle)

3. Have one person in charge of bagging the bottles. (it helps to completely remove the foil to prevent peekers!)

4. Number the bags and have 1 person write down what each one is.

5. TASTE! & Make good notes on each wine according to number.

8. TWEET! Did one win hands down over the rest? What was your favorite? Post up your tasting notes of your favorite wine.

9. The BIG REVEAL!! Pull the bags and see which wines were your favorites!

10. TWEET and name names! Tell us what the favorite cheap wine is at YOUR blind tasting! Feel free to blog your notes and link there here and/or post them on twitter!

That's IT! Drink, Tweet, and be merry! :o)

Have a great time everyone! I can't wait to hear what all the favorites are!

Can't do it with us on Thursday? Have your OWN cheap wine challenge over the weekend!


How easy and fun is that?! I can’t wait to see you all online on Thursday at 8pm EST!

Here’s the lineup:

Casilliero Del Diablo - Chariot Gypsy - Bear Flag Red Blend #1 - Penfolds Koonunga - Monte Velho by Herdade do Esporão - Ravenswood Zin - Natura Chardonnay - Tomaresca NePriCa - Gougenheim Malbec - Bogle Petite Sirah - NV St. Cosme Little James Basket Press - Garnacha Del Fuego - Broadbent Vinho Verde - St. Francis Red - Honey Moon Viognier - Delas Cotes-du-Rhone St. Esprit - Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin - Dancing Bull Zin - 2007 Luzon Jumilla - Wolftrap 2008 - 2007 Altano Duoro


Wine Ophelia


  1. rats! You left me off. 2007 Luzon Jumilla. Thanks! Joe @suburbanwino

  2. The Wolftrap 2008

    -Megan :)

  3. You missed me as well
    2007 Altano Duoro

  4. FYI - If you live in Oregon, the Trader Joe's in the Hillsboro or Eugene areas no longer have the Chariot Gypsy in stock. A bit of info I thought others might find helpful!