Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wine Ophelia goes (BACK) to Virginia! 2011 Wine Blogger's Conference!

A Prelude to a Conference.

I got a scholarship! I got a scholarship!! Yay! Yay! YAY!

Whew... ok.  (fans self.) I'm ok. Really. But DUDE! I'm GOING TO WBC11!! THIS WEEKEND!

Ok, ok.  I'll stop shouting. But seriously. I couldn't be more excited to meet up with some people who have become dear friends, to meet people whose work I admire so very much, and to learn a TON about how to make my blog the best it can be for you, my dear readers! All 5 of you ;o)

This year's Wine Bloggers' Conference  is being held on the EAST coast for the first time and sponsored by Zephyr Adventures  and these other amazing folks, including some of my favorites like:

I also need to express a VERY special thanks to the generous DONORS who made it possible for me to attend this year!

The Sponsors (corporate)

The Donors (Individual)
Amy Corron Power - Another Wine Blog
Melanie Ofenrich - Dallas Wine Chick
Joe Herrig - Suburban Wino
Liza Swift - Brix Chicks
Amanda Maynard - Wineing Woman
Megan Kenney - Wannabe Wino
Scott Wadlow - The Vino File
Debbie Gioquindo - Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Stay tuned for much wine tasting and MUCH blogging! I'm so excited I can't STAND IT!!! 


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